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“Healing and Sobriety are Possible for Anyone.”

(The Palisades)
3006 Bee Caves Rd.
Suite D-207
Austin, TX 78746

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Text or Call (512)-810-2079

LANDLINE PH: (512) 329-0435
FAX: (512) 329-0435


The Palisades is just west of Mopac (Loop 1) on Bee Caves Rd. (Hwy. 2244) across from Trader Joe’s and just up the road on the right from the Finish Line Car Wash. We are in building D at the end of the parking lot closest to Mopac.


Same Day Appointments May Be Available.
Please give us a call to check for an opening.

Certified in Addiction Medicine

We are Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

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Payment in full required at the time of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the fastest way to contact the doctor?

Text me at 512-810-2079.  Dr. Masters’ practice is a solo practice.  When you call or text you are dealing directly with the doctor and not ancillary personnel.  Dr. Masters provides high quality personalized care directly to the patient.  No middle men.  Dr. Masters’ priorities for communication in the practice are:  the person sitting in front of him;  the text message;  the phone;  Telegraph;  Smoke Signals;  E-Mail.  Please do not send Email to Dr. Masters unless you notify him in advance by text.  Email is not secure and it is non-urgent;  it is not used for real-time communication of patient issues or problems.

2. How much does treatment cost?

The initial evaluation is an hour long and costs $300.00.  Owing to the fact that we are dealing with the addict/alcoholic population (which often has good intentions, but doesn’t always follow through) we collect ⅓ of the fee up front.  This provides an incentive for the patient to show up for the scheduled hour.  If they don’t show, then they forfeit the prepaid amount.

3. Do you accept insurance?

No, but we will give you a receipt that you can use to submit to your insurance to get reimbursed.

4. How much are follow-up appointments and how often do I have to be seen?

Follow-up appointments are typically ½ hour and are $150.00.  These may occur monthly to begin with, but as the patient heals they are less frequent and may only occur quarterly.  

5. What are the hours of operation?

9 to 5 Monday through Thursday and 9 to Noon on Friday.  

6. What kind of treatments do you provide?

Dr. Masters does an extensive and detailed evaluation of each new patient and comes up with an individualized plan of care.  The key to success is correct diagnosis and timely treatment.  Suboxone maintenance, Alcohol Detoxification, and diagnosis and treatment of concurrent psychiatric conditions are all provided.

7. What is the approach to care?

Diagnosis and treatment of the patient is individualized, comprehensive, and goal directed.  The patient-physician relationship is collaborative and oriented toward the restoration of function.  Addicts or Alcoholics frequently have trouble in one of 6 areas of life:  Romance, Finance, Health, Family, Work, or the Legal System.  Dr. Masters addresses these problems as they arise and provides counseling where necessary.  

8. Adolescents?

No.  All patients must be 18 or above.  

9. Telemedicine?

This is often very convenient for patients who are residing in outlying areas or who have jobs or circumstances that interfere with their ability to get to the office.  Generally speaking, most first time visits are in-person as this is still the best way to get to know someone.