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Radio Interviews

Principal Broadcasting Scroll down the page and click on "Dr. Matthew Masters, Addiction Medicine 7:38" https://www.principalbroadcasting.com/profiles

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The Family Disease of Alcoholism and Addiction

The disease of alcoholism and addiction affects the family on several different levels. The addict or alcoholic is affected with a life limiting and potentially life-threatening illness which is guaranteed to rob him of his dignity, material possessions, and personal...

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Addiction, The Disease of the Latter 20th Century

The purpose of this essay is to acquaint the reader with the “elephant in the living room”, i.e., the disease of addiction. Addiction, or its secondary manifestations, represents the most common cause of suffering and death in this country today. This idea, however,...

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Medications to Control Cravings

During the early part of recovery, from alcoholism or addiction, the patient may experience extreme cravings, which can lead to recurrent drug or alcohol abuse. A variety of medications exist which, when used appropriately in early recovery, can decrease the amount of...

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