Outpatient Fentanyl Detox

“The Fentanyl Project”

The idea behind The Fentanyl Project is to save as many lives as possible while making access to care as easy as possible. The problem with the current system of care is: requiring inpatient hospitalization, cost, bureaucracy, unacceptable waiting periods, burdensome methods of care requiring daily attendance (e.g., Methadone clinics), and requiring services which have not been proven to be beneficial (e.g., compulsory counseling).

The Fentanyl Project would offer the following: Cafeteria style access to services in an outpatient setting where the patient could select how many or how few services they would like; it would be incentivized in favor of the optimal assessment and treatment including medical, psychiatric, and substance use treatment, but the patient would be given the choice; no bureaucracy beyond that which is absolutely necessary so: no insurance, no prior authorization unless the patient pays for it; ease of access (e.g. texting to schedule with an outpatient office); and a COMFORTABLE DETOX.

The goal of The Fentanyl Project is get people off of this dangerous drug and onto Buprenorphine (Bup). The problem is that the Fentanyl currently available on the street has the properties of a delayed onset of true withdrawal which can take place at 24, 48, 72, or even 96 hours after the last dose of Fentanyl. Using Bup too early in the withdrawal process can result in a precipitated withdrawal which is very uncomfortable and can negatively impact the possible future use of Bup relegating the patient to either Fentanyl, inpatient care, or the overly complicated and bureaucratized system of Methadone care. The Fentanyl Project will employ a short acting narcotic which will act as a safe and efficient bridge to Bup. Other medications will be used for Xylazine withdrawal since that is another problem with the use of street Fentanyl. Of course, these narcotics would have to be administered by a sober person who keeps them under lock and key and dispenses them as directed.

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