Overcoming Fentanyl addiction has become a formidable challenge in recent years. Once, Mexican Black Tar Heroin dominated the streets, making up 95% of heroin sold. The shift to Fentanyl, however, has had dire consequences. Its production cost—a mere $6,000 per kilo compared to Heroin’s $30,000—has led to its widespread distribution. Fentanyl’s potency, being 50 to 100 times stronger than Heroin, has tragically surged overdose deaths. This shift underscores a pressing need for effective treatment solutions.

Transitioning from Fentanyl to Suboxone, also known as Buprenorphine, presents unique challenges, primarily due to Fentanyl’s pharmacological nature. In medical settings, Fentanyl is used for its rapid onset of sedation or pain relief, boasting a short half-life of just two hours. This characteristic, while beneficial in controlled environments, complicates addiction treatment. Fentanyl accumulates in the body’s fatty tissues, delaying withdrawal symptoms for days and prolonging the discomfort up to two weeks—far exceeding the withdrawal timeline for Heroin.

Suboxone treatment, a beacon of hope for Heroin addicts, is less straightforward for those battling Fentanyl addiction. The lingering presence of Fentanyl in the body risks precipitated withdrawal if Suboxone is administered too early, making patients reluctant to continue treatment. The alternative, Methadone, demands daily clinic visits, entangled in bureaucracy and time commitments.

Enter Dr. Masters’ innovative approach to Fentanyl Detox. His program bridges the gap between the daunting challenge of addiction and the path to recovery. Designed for the realities of patients’ lives, it enables a smooth transition to Suboxone with minimal disruption. The first visit, set at an affordable $115, lays the foundation for a treatment that continues with monthly follow-ups at $100—conveniently available through Telehealth after the initial in-person appointment. This groundbreaking program not only alleviates the burden of daily clinic visits but does so in a cost-effective manner, making it a compelling alternative to traditional inpatient rehabilitation.

For those seeking a lifeline out of Fentanyl’s grasp, Dr. Masters offers not just a treatment plan but a new lease on life. With the promise of monthly, rather than daily, medical engagements, patients can maintain their daily routines with minimal interruption. To explore this revolutionary approach to addiction treatment, please reach out to Dr. Masters directly at 512-810-2079